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Jeff Davison
General Partner

Jeff Davison has twenty eight years experience investing in early stage technology companies in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.  He has served as a director to 25 companies, an informal advisor to dozens more and has generated ‘top quartile’ performance from two of his previous four funds.  In 1999, Jeff founded Inflection Point Ventures, headquartered in Newark, DE, and has been its Managing General Partner since inception. Inflection Point invested $85 million in 26 early stage technology companies in the Mid Atlantic and New England regions across two funds. For most of the 1990s, Jeff was Vice President at Triad Investors Corporation and the cofounder and General Partner of Tritech Partners, L.P., based in Newark, DE and Baltimore, MD, a venture capital fund with $11 million under management, which invested in 16 early stage technology companies in the Mid Atlantic region. Earlier in his career, Jeff was a Senior Investment Analyst at Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation (MTDC), a geographically targeted venture capital fund investing in early stage technology companies located in Massachusetts with a portfolio of over 100 companies.


Jeff earned an undergraduate degree in Humanities from Hampshire College, Amherst, MA, and a graduate degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Cambridge, MA.  In addition, Jeff was a founding director of the Delaware Innovation Fund, a member of the Investment Committee of the State of Delaware’s Seed Investment Program, active involvement in the Mid Atlantic Venture Association and Chairman of the Investment Selection Committee for Early Stage East for 10 years.

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